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Similan Island National Park - Must Visit in Phuket

This park is situated in the national park region of an archipelago in the Andaman Sea & falls within the realm of Phang Nga Bay area of southern Thailand. This is located at 85 km north-west of Phuket. The meaning of the word ‘Similan’ is nine. Tourists can visit the islands by speed boats. Tourists need to walk on it, bare footedly. The viewpoint is at a height and with sharp turnings. But the effort is worthy as the sceneries are amazing. Home to numerous kinds of marine lives, some even endangered, the crystal blue waters & scenic beaches are one of the best in Thailand. Here you can experience amazing scuba-diving, snorkelling & diving exercises as this region displays a diverge variety of marine lives & this is one of the best spots of diving. You can indulge in camping on the beach or can book yourself a place on the skin diving tour in a boat.

Islands no.1, 2 & 3 are closed for tourists & natives for the protection of endangered tortoises & hatching process. This is also a part of the reef protection programme. Fishing is also banned in these islands.

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The Haunted but Magnificent Culzean Castle

The Culzean castle is situated near Maybole, Carrick on the Ayrshire coast of scotland. This castle is reputed to be the home of former Marquess of Ailsa, known to be the chief of Clan Kennedy. The castle lies on the clifftop within the Culzean Castle Country Park and is open for public visit.  In fact since 1987, a beautiful illustration of the castle has featured on a five pound notes on the reverse side which is issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland.



As far as the question of being haunted goes, the Culzean Castle is famous for being the home of seven ghosts which includes a piper and a servant girl. The castle is famous among tourists as it is said to have received 220,000 visitors in the year 2013 and is undoubtedly one of popular property in Scotland. This castle is also let out for accommodation as well as wedding.

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Trip to Jinhae-gu in South Korea

Jinhae - gu is a district in the city of Changwon in South Korea. Korean National Railroad serves this region which is famous for its annual cherry blossom festival every spring each and every year. The city front is on a covered sheltered, island studded bay and is beautifully surrounded by mountains which in turn are covered with pine trees. In fact the emblem of Jinhae also contains a cherry blossom.

The city hosts a festival of ten days every spring which is promoted all over the world as the festival of Cherry Blossom Festival.This festival is world famous as millions of Koreans as well as other visitors gathers into the town to view this cherry blossoms festival. Along with the blossoms, there is also performance of street performers, street lighting, carnival stalls and also military parades. So pack up early for this year’s spring as the Cherry festival of Jinhae - gu  awaits for you.

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